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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

✸Beautiful Disaster✸

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I have to say I thought this was going to be another y/a brat meets bad boy story and end up hating it. But boy was I wrong this is type of young adult romance I've been waiting to read.. I admit I started out hating this story Abby got on my nerves with the way she was stringing Travis and the other dude along. I mean sleeping in the bed with one guy why you are so called seeing someone else how in the world do think your not going to be labeled? I just didn't get that, yeah yeah, I know she "lost a bet" and had to stay with him but she sure in hell didn't have to sleep in the same bed...
The other thing that bothered me was the that this was a college scene but jeez it was so High school who in the hell eats in the cafeteria in college??? LOL! every day I thought that was just cheesy... Yeah thats when I stopped reading for a while..

Then I started reading again and I tell you last night I could stop until I finished. Boy the hotness these too had for each other was addicting. You know that song by Beyonce Crazy In Love thats what this book should have been called they were defiantly that.. crazy in love. And after Abby finally realized she loved him the book took off on a high note for me. I ended up having the same feelings for both they both had issues and deserved on another. I liked the secondary couple as well. I loved that Travis was a fighter he was so alpha male! But once he realized he was in love he was a hot mess I mean a H.O.T. MESS! Thank goodness there was some lovemaking to make it even better I'm just saying its hard to read a romance book without it. LOL! Thank God they weren't in High school! Overall a great book it you want some of that fifty shades of crazy kind of love.. which I have been in the mood for ever since reading about 50!

Heres my couple and my song pick for the book Beyonce's "Crazy In Love"

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