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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fading Amber

Fading Amber (The Cambion Chronicles, #3)Fading Amber by Jaime Reed
My rating: 5 of 5 stars



This last and final book to this whirl wind of a series was awesome! I loved every word of this book! I went through this so fast I cant believe I'm done, I want more! I'm so bummed their story is over. I swear I could read about Sam and Caleb all day. They we're the cutest couple ever! I was really involved in this. They sucked me in again them darn cambions.
So in this last book...


sorry need a minute to gather my self getting depressed here writing this review, you see these characters have grown on me like a second skin they were like my dearest friends and it's just saddening that its over... Ok I'm good now. In this last book(sniff) Sam comes to realize she has some missing gaps of hours in her life and tries to put the puzzle pieces together of what happened when her roommate took over her body. Mean while trying to desperately to keep all though's she loves safe and also keeping her secret about what she's got living inside her from her friends. There was a lot on her plate this time around. Like being connected to the love of her life as well as her roommates(Lilith's) soulmate Tobais who is reeking havoc on the poor young woman's life. Not only that She had to make a decision on saving Caleb's life as well and in order to that she needed to become completely bonded with him(sex) She wasn't complete sure she wanted to make that next step but girrlll those two were felling the need to get it on badly! Being connected they could feel each others needs feelings emotions and the dreams she kept having basically got her ready for the do lol! Plus the threat of Tobias the demon that wanted her for himself and the camboin mafia that thought Caleb was a danger to their world if he didn't curb his incubus eating habits. Whats a girl to do? I voted for giving it up to Caleb Which she did by the way and for a young adult story it was well written.

This story was all kinds of oooh and awes
here are some of my fav moments
Caleb and Sam He pulled away and held my shoulders at arm’s length. Stooping down with watery eyes leveled to mine, he said, “Listen to me. I’m not trying to be sweet or romantic or feed you some line to get into your pants. I’m not some kid with a crush and I’m not whipped. This is a physical and literal fact. I. Can’t. Live. Without. You.” I wasn’t sure how to take those words, unclear if they were a form of endearment or condemnation. Both meanings made my pulse skip and the look he offered me, stripped bare of pretense and sarcasm, managed to steal my air supply.
and heres some more
Caleb and Sam Resting his chin on the top of my head, he said, “You’re Samara Nicole Marshall, esquire, barista, bookworm, and Shakespearean Tae Bo master. Fellow sugar junkie and perpetual smartass. My main squeeze. My best friend.” This was the second time in a week I’d cried in front of him, and it wasn’t pretty. He must’ve noticed that too, because he asked, “Aw hell, are you crying, again? Please don’t cry. The ‘fighting and cussing’ Sam I can handle, but the ‘sad and weepy’ Sam is beyond my capability.” “I can’t help it.” I sniffled and wiped my tears on his shirt. “No seriously, try. We’re linked. If you start crying, then I’m gonna cry, and then it’s just gonna get weird.” Loved that one
ok last one promise
Caleb&Sam “Tell me to stop,” he demanded softly, his breath hot and sweet against my neck. “Hit me. Push me away, scream out; anything to make me stop.” He began to move against me, the rough texture of his jeans creating a delicious friction.
My hands threaded through his hair, then held a chunk of it in a fist as his hands slipped under my towel. His tongue invaded my mouth and stroked in the same maddening rhythm as his fingers. Just before I went cross-eyed, he broke the kiss long enough for me to catch my breath.
“It’s not too late to stop,” he pleaded then licked the seam of my mouth in a slow, languorous glide. “Yes it is,” I said just below a whisper, which was as loud as my lung capacity would allow. It was true; it was too late—months too late—and I needed to feel something other than anguish right now.
Oh yes! have a thing for friction ;)
I just cant get enough of them but my review is getting to long time to chill out and let you go get the book but one thing I so want to say is for Ms. Reed you have made a serious fan out of me please continue to write you are wonderfully talented.

Heres my couple and song Breath You In by Thousand Foot Krutch. Happy Reading!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

♞Rogue Rider♞

Rogue Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #4)Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great end to the Horsemen series loved Reseph and Jillian together they were and amazing couple and she was so brave given the circumstances. I loved their love story the love scenes are so hot! Larissa can sure write some amazing and believable love scenes that make go" Oh wow I've done it like that and yes Friction is"... um ok getting off track all in all great book ending a little to rushed for me but I got my happy ending and a peek into Reaver's soon to be HEA! Thank God their Daddy issues are over!!!

Here's my couple and theme song??? hmmm couldn't seem to think of one;) Happy Reading!

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