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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Truth (Consequences, #2)Truth by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, I'll be damn! Atheatha Romig knows how to get a reader riled up. This book took me on a rollercoster of emotional stress I even had to take a week brake from reading it. I am so shocked and so mad and so disturbed and pissed and and and.

Ok so at the beginning I was happy Claire had gotten a backbone she stood her ground did what she had to do to keep her loved ones safe from the monster of her ex husband but the feelings she had for him couldn't be denied and he had those feelings as well surprising I know He really really loves her. The revenge plan he had was taking second place for his love for Claire and his need to keep her safe and under his control. Tony changed in this book he was a monster in the last book. This book he was a man in love. Yes, his way of loving someone is disturbing but it works for Claire because she sure was digging it compartmentalizing(boy was that the word of the book) away from all things he did to her and her family... Oh my gosh! What her sister and husband went through. I was Mad at Claire for her treatment of them Oh and Harry! Poor Harry I liked him a lot he would have been good for her I truly believe he would have giving her the happily every after that she needs, but Claire and Tony have an obsessive psychotic, domineering, deranged, whacked, passionate, irrational, unbalanced schizophrenic whacked out love for each other. I thinks it's so insane that she wants to be with him but I think she is brained washed maybe even a lil possessed by him. Their love is so bad and wrong but sooo good to read about every turn of the page I was waiting for more Claire and Tony I think I'm obsessed.
Then learning the truth about Catherine I was like

All that being said this was another fantastic crazy A$$ read I loved to hate and was blown away by what I'v learned. The Truth as we know it for now, but can I trust it? I tell you one thing I truly believe that that Catherine Marie was just over the top crazy I knew from the moment she told Claire to get in the car after he beat her something was off about her. So now I wonder if she poisoned Tony and why they never talked about that... hmm Oh my the wonder of what is going to happen next. Ms Althea get busy and get the next book out soon I cant stand the wait I need the torture to end! I'm really beginning to hate series books all this waiting is torture oh oh oh...

here are my Tony and Clair

song 'worth the pain' by digital summer

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Thursday, December 13, 2012


WallbangerWallbanger by Alice Clayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! This was an awesome fun busting up laughing all the way through book! This was the best chick flick I have ever read like ever no really like ever! I don't think I have ever laughed so much while reading a book. Oh these two characters were fun so easy to like no I loved them.

So we have Caroline who moves into a new apartment then comes to find out her and her neighbor share a bedroom wall where he gets to banging the hell out of when he has "company" for the night after three sleepless nights of hearing “OH, GOD.Thump.Oh, God.Thump, thump. Oh, God, that’s so good!” and three different women screaming out their orgasms. Caroline had enough especially when she herself hadn't had any O's lol So in her pink nighty she goes banging on his door and comes face to face with Mr. Wallbanger Simon who. Was. Still. Hard. Lol! Oh that was hilarious.

From there these two have an amazing friends to lovers relationship. It was nice to read their relationship grow from friends really good friends to finally lovers the author made you wait for it but it was worth the wait I enjoyed this book so much!
but honestly the best in this book was Clive
honestly I loved that cat!

Here are my Simon And Caroline Happy Reading. :)

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Consequences (Consequences, #1)Consequences by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my freaking gosh this was crazy a$$ good it was horribly good so good it was wrong. This has to be the most messed up story I have ever read

I cant tell you about it you will just have to read it for yourself I can only tell you how I feel about it...

First thoughts and feelings

Aww hell to the no what am I reading? This is some crazy Katie Holmes and Tom Cruz sh$$. This girl needed to do A Jennifer Lopez and 'Enough' her ass the hell out of there, but make sure she packs a load of those designer clothes though :). She needed to go all Left Eye on him and burn down the house.. but before all that tie his ass to a bed and do a Lorena Bobbitt and Cut his dick off…
But she still stays.
Second thoughts

I was ready to quit I felt like I was reading some 'Sleeping With The Enemy' type sh%%. Omg after he goes and does a 'Chris Brown' on her and had her looking like 'Rihanna'. Oh I got pissed at every body the house keeper and the Maid aught be ashamed of themselves pushing her toward the car when she apparently was scared out of her mind she know she knows whats happing to her. Ok so after the beating he has the audacity to still think and to have the nerve to say she betrayed him what the? When Claire thinks he's going to hit her again but he's just want to touch her and he says "no that isn't coming I don’t think you need any more reminders on how to behave" WTF?? She is not a effin dog what the hell? Omg omg my stomach hurts..
Oh this effer is sick just sick I keep hoping he will turn around but he doesn’t so now I just want the effer dead I want him dead he is the villain in this story, oh lawd I am out of my comfort zone something real with this story. I would have said to hell with the consequences and bit his dick off after the first night of beating the crap out me he deserve a bite… I have never read a book that has stirred so many emotions in me. Im so stressed out I think I need therapy for real and nine no make it 11 bottles of Stella Rosa and a shoulder to cry on poor poor Claire. but she needed to buck up and beat his ass she worked out jeez grab one of the dumbbells play like you gonna show him something then wham t. k. o. mutha effer hahaha... But nooooo she didn't do all that she was scared to death of this fool.

Oh that, Claire I cant believe the way she treated her sister but he wouldn't let her talk to her unsupervised but my gosh she had so many chances to get away from him is she that far gone is she brain dead is that what the beating did to her instead of opening her eyes it closed her brain function to just learn how to survive and make him happy. This story was so disturbing on so many levels. This controlling freak had me truly going nuts I have never thought to really and truly hate a character as much as I do Tony this book was crazy good but still I hated it. My head hurts over the feelings I have for this book my gosh I am a happily ever after reader only but nooo I step into the darkside of reading and hear I am needing therapy for it and will probably need to go to rehab after my drinking starts. Ms. Althea Roming I'm still wondering what brought you to write something like this? Forget a movie This book is worthy of becoming a tv series that needs to be on abc or some network and come on thursday at 930 so I can set in on my dvr and have my weekends to catch up on the show.... I cant just see it. :)

But in the end of this book I see the gleam in Claire she is ready for battle but Im just feeling like this....

Here are my Claire and Anthony aks a$$hole Happy reading... or not.

Songs for this book are
I never Loved A Man (the way I love you) by Aretha Franklin
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