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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Angels' Blood

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1)Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angels’ Blood
Being introduced to a new author is all ways a challenge for me, But the girl at my bookstore said this was a must read. “If you liked J.R. Ward then you will definitely like Nalini Singh.” She said to me. She talked so highly of this book and had such a glow on her face when she was telling me about the book that I just had to get it. I’m easily stirred when someone is excited to tell me about a book.
Now to the reasons of why I like this book. I love her descriptions of the Angels and their wings. I also love the different ethnicities of everyone; the book definitely has a lot of people from various cultures. I like the romance between the Archangel Raphael and Elena the hunter after about 100 or so pages the hunter lost her bitchiness and became more likable.
The reasons for the 4 stars is I know this was a urban fantasy romance story but I would have preferred her say it was just a urban fantasy because there wasn’t a whole lot of romance between the two but I have to admit there were some good tension I would have liked it better if the author would have left the gruesome details out of the killings by one particular angle. What he did to the humans made me a little nauseas at times. I would have more preferred the details of Raphael and Elena’s romantic moments. What I couldn’t understand during the ending battle was where were all the other angels why didn’t he have help I thought that they mention in the beginning that it was agreed they all were going to kill the bad Angel. But then again I could have forgotten something I due tend to read fast sometimes. ☺
One more thing I have to say about the battle was that it was great and full of excitement. Over all it was a very good story with some wonderful surprises in the end. I will be defiantly be reading the next book to this series.
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Going To Far

Going To Far My Rating 4★

This was a sweet romantic read. It had a mixture of romance. mystery, teen angst, and some suspense. I enjoyed all the characters. The chemistry between Meg and John was so sweet. I love the the banter between them and how he was the shy one and she the one who said and did any and everything. There was one particular part int the book I loved that was so Meg.

"I leaned forward until my boobs sat on the table like a set of oversize salt and pepper shakers. The tit table.".....
I just died laughing, her dry sarcasm was witty it matched her blue and purple hair. This book was a quick fun read great for weekend reading or something to take for a long ride. I'm looking forward to reading more of her books

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being Plumvile

My oh my what a great love story.

Ben and Ceelee childhood best friends that were separated young to meet up again
in college to become BFF's again as well as loves of each other's lives. This story was wonderful.
Set in 1960 living in a southern small town this interracial couple go through a lot to be together
But the love they both had for each other is what good romance reading is all about Ben, WOW that Ben he was amazing and a true gentleman and Ceelee had such a big caring heart they both had me crying all through this story. This book is a definite keeper.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blackdagger Brotherhood Video

Go Fetch!!!!

Go fetch.....
Well this book was a surprise I heard that it was a funny, hilarious read, but I got so much more from this book it was all that and more I enjoyed it so much.
I have to admit the potty mouths were kind of a put off but other than that it was fine I have read much worst language before, so let me get to the point of what I liked about this book. First of all it took me three days to read. I could have read it in less than one but I wanted it to last longer and that’s when I know I have a keeper book.
The characters in this book were a amazing strong welled and good hearted towards on another the banter between the main hero and heroine was too funny, I’m talking laughing out loud in the middle of the night, wake my husband up funny. I have never laughed so much reading a book. The loves scenes were even better. I have been trying to get away from erotic books but to me it was well written, and it was, what it was, some good lovemaking.
It was a fast paste book but slowed down enough for you to get the feel of everything. Even though I started with the second book to this series Shelly L. gives you enough description with out boring you about the pack and previous characters from the first book.
Miki, that Miki she was awesome, she was one bad a$$ chick she took no mess and that Conall Wow!! All I can say is just wow. I like the fact that she was scared of letting herself go with Conall but didn’t drag it out to the point were you’re like “come on get with it girl”. But she wasn’t, it all just flowed really nicely. After reading this book I am defiantly a fan Ms. Shelly L and cant wait to get her other books. I can’t wait to read about Miki in her first book especially