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Lover of all things romance and happily ever afters! NO HAPPY ENDING DONT GIVE IT TO ME TO READ! I recently started my own story have it on a few websites you can check them out over to your right. So if you like to chat about books I'm your friend. :)

Halloween Party.

She walked into the house feeling bold and beautiful thinking the that first guy she sets her eyes on will be hers for the night... unfortunaltley there were none that compared to him. Damn she thought he would not leave her head, so constantly he was in her thoughts from the first time they met to the first time they had sex. Oh the sex why did she have to think of that. He could move in ways that should not be allowed. She started to feel hot thinking about the the last time. "You like that don't you Brianna?" He said as he pumped deeper inside her in slow deep thrust. "Ooh" Was all she could get out so good it felt.She bit her bottom lip to hold in the cry. She didn't want him to know he had such an effect oh her, but he knew. Shaking the thoughts of the last time which was last night out of her head she walked over the Dracula making the drinks. "And whaaat can I get for youuuu my puuurrrreciousss?" Said the Dracula. "No don't tell me, you vant nonthing but fvor me to suck yorr bluud" He said leaning in closer. She rolled my eyes at him. "No This pussy dosent play like that." She said running my hands down her pussycat outfit. She was dressed as catwoman from batman, now all she needed was to find herself a batman and it would be on. "You can you make a fuzzy naval please." She said as sweet as could her sister said she didnt know how to talk to people s was too mean and too boujie thought she was better than everyone else... well she was she thought. Dracula nodded his head and went to make her drink mumbling a stuck up bitch as he went. when he came back and handed her the drink... To be continued