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Monday, June 20, 2011

♛Royal Flush♕

Dmitry's Royal FlushDmitry's Royal Flush by Latrivia S. Nelson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know what I like best about Ms. Nelson's Stories is when there is conflict she doesn't drag it out for like 10 chapters or even like ten chapters. She hits you with the suspense then the drama then resolves it with a happy satisfied ending. Even with the good and the bad things that happen. You Go GIrle! She is amazing in her writing. This second installment of the Medlov's had me felling all the emotions of a pregnant woman... I laughed I cried I got angry, hungry too every time they mention food. having been pregnant four times I know what those emotions feel like... lol

What Royal and went through was beyond words I swear that Dmitry is on my man of worth list for sure. What I also like about how she writes these amazing men the fact that she keeps them real. Like when Dmitry is tempted the way he was with Victoria she made him be true to what he was... A man. No man would not get aroused from the way she acted with him... Even though I was upset at him for it it was what it was realistic. Latrivia is a truly educated women with all this background knowledge of organized crime had me liking at cash checking places with a ne
I loved Royals strength ant boy was she a women of worth you truly feel everything thing I was so caught up in this Drama I hated it to end. I'm all over the place with this review but the main thing I want to get out is that its worth the buy and worth read... I'm gonna shut my mouth now and get on to finishing up Anatoly story so I can get that review up

Well here is my lovely couple with there added addition to there Family.... Happy Reading. :)

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