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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NightshadeNightshade by Andrea Cremer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 Well like my goodreads friend  Katie said, "I liked it but didn't love it." Thats how I feel. It was a fun read I will admit, it was also very sexy for a young adult novel definitely something my 14 year old daughter couldn't read I'd say 16 maybe 17 or older. This was a different take on shapeshifers that turn into wolves. They were called the guardians and had a witches and wizards that were basically there master that called themselves the keepers, They had enemies as well that were called  searchers and I have yet to know what their all about and why they are enemies. To me this was like Twilight mixed with Harry Potter without the vampires. There is the big popular trend of the love triangle and wraiths floating about they even had succubus and a acromantula (big big giant spider).

Calla the alpha to me comes off as a hormonal girl in desperate need of some boy attention, and boy does she get it with Ren her soon to be mate forced by the keepers since they were born and the new guy Shay that has some hidden secret past That the keepers want kept secret.
I was shooting for Ren I think he could be good for her. Shay's to beta for me but she did have some kind of connection with him that I totally missed.  I'm not doing good with this review there is so much I want to say but cant. over all it was a good read I did like the more sexual tension of this books it reminded me of being a teen again that first feeling of sexual tension and first loves... sigh! I will say I am looking forward to reading the next installment of this story and hope it's thats one more and not another 4 to 8 book series. I have had about enough of those.

I would definitely recommend this book for those who like or loved Twilight, Harry Potter, TMI, Shiver. Especially the romance part of them.

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