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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


CrashCrash by Nicole Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well I think this book is for crazy teenage girls who want or fantasize about having the teenage crazy bad boy for their own lol. This book went either way for me I liked and didn't like it. yeah I know, what??? Yeah there were parts that I liked like there chemistry the hotness they felt for the other was amazing but there trust issues not so good, too one sided. I felt bad for Jude a lot of the book. I understood that they both were dealing with their own personal issues but she just seemed to bratty for me and then to jump from one boy to the other knowing and she did know she wanted to still be with Jude. I guess it just comes down to this for me I just didn't like the heroine. I loved Jude he was awesome!But the only thing I did like about Lucy was that she dance being a former dancer myself. :)

Here is my couple.... I normally like to this for my 4 or 5star reads but I haven't made one in while so I just had to put this out there you might see this guy used for some other book. :)

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