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Monday, November 5, 2012

♪LIving Violet♪

Living Violet (The Cambion Chronicles, #1)Living Violet by Jaime Reed
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yay!!! another Y/A I/R novel!!!!This was soooooooooooo goooooooood!!!! I'm not kidding around here. I. loved. this. book. I have never read a book about Succubus or Incubus's or Cambions this was a good way to get me hooked on them. I loved every minute of reading this. These characters just jumped off the page and into my lap as I read about them on my kindle I was succubused in lol! I couldn't put it down read it in a day then went on to the second book and finished that the next day! Every character was easy to love. Samara(Sam) was like the best y/a heroine I have ever read she took no mess. Her voice in this was a dead given that if I knew her in High school (way back in the day lol) we would have been kindred spirits. Ms. Reed brought her to life to me she was so real.

I love creative ways people put words together Sam does a lot of that she was so witty. I love how she would described some of her peeps she knows in school this on in particularly was my fav
Davenport was the textbook definition of a Chad.
Chad [chad]—noun.
A young Anglo-American male with athletic build, typically named Chad, who is very popular with the opposite sex, and usually the alpha male of a social group. Chads are often found in fraternities, tailgate parties, sporting events, and anywhere within the vicinity of a light-beer kegger. Staple attire consists of the following: baseball cap, wife-beater undershirt or T-shirt with ironic slogan, cargo shorts, and leather sandals. Prone to utter inappropriate phrases like, “What’s up, bro?” or “Yo, dog.”
That was HIlarious!!!

Then theres Caleb(Cake Boy) the guy she first sees as a man whore then gets to know him and his issues with the (roommate) as she calls it that lives inside him sucking all female energy by mouth. Caleb is so sweet and was a young man of worth I really liked his character the way he cared about her and watched her for so long was bitter sweet. I love how they took there time to get to know each other. When he had the talk with her dad and had this to say to her when she asked what happen
“He was pretty concerned about our age difference. He called me a cradle robber and a few other names that I didn’t understand. Then he said something about you, and then I was completely lost. What exactly is a ten-deroni?” I just about peed laughing so hard. He is so effin cute. :) gosh I could go and on about these two this was such a mind blowing mind stimulating read I couldn't get enough. Oh and I mention it was an I/R right? My fav genre So good to see more and more coming out.

Heres my Caleb and Samara Happy Reading and you will be happy once you read this. :) Song: Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars... (minus the sex)

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