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Monday, March 19, 2012


StrandedStranded by Pepper Pace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I tell you I love finding jem writers and that is exactly what Pepper Pace is. She took me by surprise with this story. I was expecting another erotic tale about two people being stranded and getting the hots for each other and doing the do all through the book, you know, same o same o story right? I was so wrong on so many levels this was waayy off the rector scale of what I had assumed.

Let me see there is so much that can be said about this story I dont know where to begin, so um, so let me start with giving you the story of two strangers on there way back to there own separate merry lives on a small plane when it suddenly goes down in the ocean. Now the realism in this story is what grabbed me it was like I was there going through everything and it made me think too. What the heck would I do if this would happen to me? I tell you I wouldn't last a day I'd be dead, seriously. The way she put these to characters together to help them survie was mind blowing. I would have never thought about what fruits you can and can't eat what plants and roots you can use to make flour and medicine. Oceans being from the islands grew up with women who knew and taught how to make things from 'nature sources' Marshall had some engineering experience in college so he knew how to make things. So with those two and their knowledge of those things they were able to survie. Now for the love story it was more about how they came together by doing the necessary daily things to survie that their love grew for the other and it was bitter sweet. Yes they were attracted to the other, yes there was sex, but it wasn't the focus. It was more on how love can grow and bonds can be made in situation like this. And how even if your stranded on an island or living your daily life in a big city or small town relationships and being in love are and will always be something worth fighting for. Pepper Pace tells a story of two strangers who become more than just friends they become soul mates.

I am a lover of males of worth in my stories I read and Marshall was one of them he was true to his feelings from the get go, he was so real to me he didn't act all macho, he was scared and he was protective also. There are two parts where he had me crying the main one was when he oh I can't tell you, you have got to just read it but I will say this when he cries you will too. It will make you think on a lot of levels of how we don't let men have choices when it comes to women issues you have to read it to know what I'm talking about or pm me and I'll tell But oh did he make my heart break and rethink some things about our choices we make. HIs love for Oceans was a Titanic worth love.

Now as much as I love males of worth there have been only a few books that I have read where the heroine was a female of worth. Ocean's was a female of worth. I. loved. her. She was a strong and a very smart woman I loved her way of thinking. She was a true survivor and she really put me in her shoes. Her outer and inner beauty had me smiling and crying the whole book. Her love for Marshall was so deep and honest.

Pepper Pace has a new fan and I will be reading all her books. I actually had to add this book myself here on goodreads because it was not listed. You have got to check out the rest of her books I've sampled more and they are all on my to-read list and yes I have to add them on here too. Her writing is that good. I recommend this to all my friends who want a real love story not smut not just all about attraction and lust but of true undeniable, unquestionable, irrevocably without a doubt, love that will make your heart fill with joy after you have read it. This is the book for you.

Here is my couple Marshall and Oceans Happy reading!!! :)


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