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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Raziel (The Fallen, #1)Raziel by Kristina Douglas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok the they don't give you a half to put with your rating and if I wanted to grade this it I'd give a c+ wouldn't that be like 31/2★'s? Because this was one of those books that people will have mixed feelings for. One of those 'I like but don't love it'... I thought this was a very interesting story. I'm really liking the fallen angel genera just wish I could find me one that's a awesome love story... I'm so tired of vampires but then again these fallen angels had fangs just like vamps ooooh save me from the same ol folk lore lets just come up with something from no where and see where it goes... LOL? This book like I said interesting and strange the povs was nice at times other times I just felt like they were just thinking to darn much... I liked Raziel he just keept fighting what he wanted to darn long... Allie had to warm up to me but I ended up like her the most out of the everybody her sense of humor kept the story going for me...

Thing I didn't get is, she dies right?... no spoiler it says that in the back of the book description... Anyway he saves her from hell and takes her to his lair and of course they get together and all that but he kept saying that she would eventually get old and die...ok got me confused there I thought she was dead and was now with the fallen so wouldn't that make her immortal too?....Well I read the preview of the next book after this and I will say I am definitely curious about this series and will not give up on it and read the next one... I hope I didn't put you off this I say give it a try. I was glad that I did..
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