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Monday, September 20, 2010

Nobody's Hero 4★ Rating

Melanie Harvey writes a wonderful story about a white rapper WM and a black BW author who fall in love. I have to say this was a wonderful surprise and a interesting way to write about an interracial couple in a different way. One you don't hear about that often if not at all.

I have to admit at first I was kinda wondering how all this was going to play out. But as I read, and kept on reading. I got all happy and had that fuzzy feeling inside. The way Ricky's mind works was amazing to me and Carolyn was a interesting person herself she was so sweet. There was so much tension between the two you could really feel it. The love is strong between the two you really root for them to work it all out.

This is a short read but you don't even notice because its almost like your standing in the room watching everything thats going on. The dialogue got to me a little bit, because I sometimes couldn't tell who was talking, but then again it reminded me of watching Iron man 2. The dialogue was fast pace you had to pay attention and keep

Any-ho This was a lovely read I'm glad I found it. I love how they take a chance on each other and respect one another Ricky's lyrics had me tuning in to Eminem even though author used her own stuff, I couldn't help but pull out some of Eminem's song to get the feel of Ricky as a white rapper. It's so awesome.

I recommend this to all my goodreads friends who love a different take on an interracial couple and a good reading challenge with lots of tension. Warning Ricky is a rapper so you know the language can get a bit rough. but you can get passed it cause it was well written and fit with the character.

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