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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sixteen Going on Undead

Sixteen Going on UndeadSixteen Going on Undead by Yvette Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Besides all the typo mistakes I thought this was a cute story, exhausting at times but cute. I think the author spent so much time on having this poor girl run away from everything and everyone, you didn't get a chance to know all the characters personally.(yeah I like to know them) I liked the mystery of it all but wanted to know more at the same time (weird I know) I liked Lorcan his name was so cool, have to add that to the bad boy names He was a young Vampire, 20yrs stuck at 18. I thought that was new and refreshing, reading about a 200 yr old Vamp in love with a teen creeps me out a lil.

I liked Tanesha too just wish she would have stayed put for a second and really figure things out before she took off all the time.. She did at like a typical teenager that acted her age. She wasn't at all the typical read (like all the Bella's we read about lately, you know the ones that know they are special and think beyond the regular teens)

I also liked her best friend Ronnie, once I finally got to know what he was all about (at the end) I thought he was sweet and a good friend and protector for Tanesha.

I liked this story it was short and sweet. I do wish it was a bit longer and got into a lil more detail about the what the when the why and the how's. All of sudden I was at the end they had a big show down then it was over in a snap. The romance was cute and sweet but was missing some things I can't explained it you have to read it for yourself. This book definitely needs a sequel because it was not enough for me I'm a greedy reader. ;) I♥romance ☺

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  1. Yes I know I used this couple for another story, but I just could't get them out of my head they just seem to fit these characters. :)


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